Bon Voyage!

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video game
Bon Voyage! is a cooperative video game in 3D where you have to guide a crowd of tourists through various levels. Each player has a specific power to achieve his goal: one guide can attract the crowd while the other one can repel them.

Commmunication is essential to manage unruly travelers!
Obstacles and unforeseen events will hit your path, scattering and knocking down tourists, jeopardizing the mission of bringing them all back safely.
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Jolly adventures, generative universe
The crowd of tourists are clumsy and getting distracted by everything around them, forever looking for WIFI hotspot or at gift shops! We created a universe inspired by plastic toys. Our goal was to create a colorful and playful universe: just fun, no drama.
An unforgettable journey
Right from the conception, we decided to organize user tests at key stages in the project development so that we could iterate based on feedback.
From these tests the level and mechanic design evolved to increase difficulty and make player collaboration essential.
Jantana Hennard - 3D & Art
Anthelme Dumont - Developer
Jacky Fong - Developer
Jean-Charles Gigonnet - Photographer
Adrien Muzyczka - Sound Designer
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