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Google ✕ upperquad
Every holiday season Google builds Santa’s Village, an interactive playground where kids can discover technology and the holiday spirit through fun mini-games.

Alongside Google and Upperquad teams, I worked to completely revamp the project through new brand-guidelines, a re-design of the online village, and by prototyping and designing completely new games in 2D and 3D.
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Mr Santa & Mrs Claus’s Factory
The website shows you behind the scenes of Santa’s Factory, putting the user up close to the elves and other characters as they prepare for the big day.

Users scroll to discover delightful scenes. Game cards make it easy for them to discover new games everyday.
The website is filled with animation and micro-interactions that makes it lively and suprising.
A welcoming & inclusive world
Elves come in all shapes and sizes and from different backgrounds. They also come with varying abilities and unique challenges. They have elastic, bouncy features and stand ready to spring into action at any minute. We sought to represent all kinds of elves and celebrate each one as an individual.
Be part of the
 holiday fun
Users can be an active part of Santa’s worksop, by playing and learning through cute mini games.
Santa’s Village website is filled with numerous mini-games built over the years. I worked on the creation of 3 new ones. The worklflow involved a lot of exchange between development and design teams.
Jason Dietrick - Creative Director
John Avent - Senior Designer
Leena Murdeshwar- Designer
Simone Sept - Producer
Le Wei - Lead Tech
Robin Payot - Creative Developer
Louis Amiot - Creative Developer
Sam Thorogood - Software Engineer
Jesse Friedman - Marketing Strategist
Dave Holmes - Developer Relations

Trevor Van Meter - Illustrator Freelance
Plan8 - Sound Design
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