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Fine art museum of SF ✕ upperquad
For De Young & Legion of Honor Museums of San Francisco, we created an intuitive and beautiful calendar portal to help visitors discover upcoming exhibitions, new events, and also to help sponsors to communicate effectively to the public.

The two museums have differentiating color schemes, so our challenge was to create a visual direction that would easily adapt to both.
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Hierarchize & elevate the events
Ample white space made for a pleasant and intuitive experience, allowing titles and imagery to stand out. Size and typography were used to create a hierarchy between tours and events.
Adapt to the
variable content
Vertical grid format allowed for plenty of information density within the event space. Cards adjusted automatically to adapt to different content and avoid unfortunate crops. The cover could be landscape, portrait, square format... or no image at all!
Offering alternatives and visit ideas
The museums have a very diverse program, so when filtering is applied, it can appear empty. The museums have a lot of other events to offer! Pushing same category content and free events to increase their visibility, proposing events that may be of interest to the users.
Jason Dietrick - Creative Director
Simon Sept - Senior Producer
FAMSF team
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